My top 8 Event Idea List

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My top 8 Event Idea List

Postby grumpykitten » Tue May 22, 2018 12:38 pm

this is my list of ideas to a kind of event its oka if you dont like them.

1. Gm Kill event? the gm takes alot of buffs on and good gear and go against all the players in guru area

2. Gladiator event players vs players tier 5 only and the weapons from tier 15 instance

3. Pvp Event Tier 1 Only + Starter Weapons all players duel against each orther or team up and kill the orther team

4. Maze Event running in a maze and needs to find a way out

5. More hide and seek events

6. Find 3 Objects somewhere "Random but in a land 100 yards max" and the players will be able to loot the object and bring it back to the gm the team with most objects found by the time ends wins

7. More roll events /roll we actually never do them anymore.... it dosn't have to be all the times just once every month atleast

8. The staff team vs Players Event - The players need to defeat the staff team in Arena or bg

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