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Rogue Guide

Postby aaazmirecek » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:20 pm

Hello Thorium players, Today i want teach you some informations about rogue in fun servers ;)

You start with 255 level so you get all talents,all spells what can rogue have and that´s very good.

At start i will say what glyphs you will need to be the Best rogue ;)
Glyph Of Hemorrhage: With that glyph you will do more dmg if your object will be afflicted by hemorrhage by 40%
Glyph Of Killing Spree: Reduce your cooldown on Killing Spree by 75 sec. Thats good bcs killing spree is spell what do high dmg in pvp.
Glyph Of Sprint: That Glyph increase your movement speed on Sprint by 30% so if you use it you will have 100%movement speed (Sprint without glyph 70%, with glyph 70%+30% = 100%) So you can easily run in fight or easily using it in Dungeons and better and faster farm.
Glyph Of Vanish: That´s very nice glyph if you want run out from fight. That glyph increase your movement speed by 30% while is Vanish effect active (While you use Vanish you will get that buff for 9 sec if you stay in stealth.)
Glyph Of Safe Fall: Increase the distance your safe fall ability allows you to fall without taking dmg
Glyph Of Blurred Speed: With that glyph you can walk on water while you have active sprint

Now Gems what you will need ;)
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond + 21 agility and 3% increased Critical Damage - that meta gem give you much more dmg what you will need if you are rogue.
Infinite Sphere + 5 resist all - for apply the meta socket
Now gem what you will have infinity of them is Quick King´s Amber-It gives you Haste what you need too much as a rogue player.
Fractured Cardinal Ruby - That gem you will have only on Weapons on Main hand and on Off hand. It gives you a little bit reduce armor for enemy player.

Enchants for rogue
Enchants on thorium wow are not well they are not fixed.But still you need enchants for rogue. I have on my rogue Icy weapon it gives slow to object and Icebreaker Weapon it do a little bit dmg.

As a rogue Player you will need know just 1 combo. That combo i think is best for rogue (is my combo so maybe any professional rogue players will know better, but i think its best combo in Fun servers.)
Cheap shot, 2 times use Hemorrhage, Kidney shot,1 time Hemorrhage and if is object melle like paladin,warrior.... use Dismantle if is object spell use hemorrhage, killing spree after is killing spree down use blind fast vanish and use Garrote , hemorrhage kidney shot and then one of you must die :D

Ok thats end of this Rogue guide. If you want say me your opinion ;)
Your Best Rogue player in your server Kappa :P Sweetyy thank you for reading this Guide :)

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