Worgen buff

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Worgen buff

Postby aaazmirecek » Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:48 pm

So as first i want talk about the dmg what worgen doing.He doing good dmg but the problem is only Classes with spell power doing good dmg with him bcs it scale only with Spell power so my first question or idea what about make it normally and it will scale with attack power it will be good bcs Classes what dont have spell power like Rogue,Dk,warrior and more dont doing dmg with him really just little like 1000 or lower.And next idea.It dropping very low from Big bad wolf so my idea.What about make an daily quest what we should do every day again and the price will be 5 charges worgen buff or just normally increase the drop chance for it bcs it dropping very low.Others buffs from Big Bad Wolf dropping more its like 15 runs 1 worgen if we are lucky.OR another idea about the dmg with worgen.What about just add Shadow dmg what Worgen buff will do at every class same that dmg will be on your choices it will be not too hard and it will be balanced for all classes.So thats it.

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