Report Format -- Read Before Posting

If you find a bug. Please post here, make sure you include some proof in order to make your report credible. Please note that, abusing a bug and not reporting it can lead to your account getting locked.
NOTE: Make sure you have read the rules before posting
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Report Format -- Read Before Posting

Postby darksoke » Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:26 am

Report Player/Bug format

In case of Player/GM Report

Your Character Name:
Report Reasson:

In case of Bug Report

Your Character Name:
Describe the bug:

-Please use the format and only if you have proofs else will be denied in case of player reports
-For images please use to upload the images and post the album link or direct links to the image
-For Videos please upload them on youtube as private and post here the link
-Posting major bugs might lead to rewards

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