ban appeal

If you think you were wrongly banned and you can prove you are not guilty, please post an appeal here.
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ban appeal

Postby Mystic » Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:11 am

Ok. So today at 10:05 pm approximately, Me and My friend Clem got banned for "false honor farming" from you honor farming system. Now, Frostie appeared at a time we were testing something. Before Clem killed me I started to attack, I would like an explanation of why I got banned and why he did not appear at the first message. He claimed to have 2 honor farming messages from the both of us, and on the second one, he came to us. Wasn't he watching us from the first one? Now I don't have any SS to back this up so it will get instantly denied. I want a reason as to why I got banned for a false honor farming message from your gadget.
We also were having fun. Explain.
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ban appeal

Postby WarrenGace » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:17 am

There are no bans on record for dozsa0. If it is a local ban then you should be able to get on other servers and just not this one.

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Re: ban appeal

Postby Fauxshaux » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:12 am

Greetings Shame,

In regards to your ban, our honor farming system stated that you had 10 kills against Fluffyblade and Fluffyblade had 10 kills against you. Therefore, its been taken as honor farming - especially as you was both in Gurubashi Arena.

Now I'm going to quote two things because I'm curious;

Shame wrote:appeared at a time we were testing something.


Shame wrote:We also were having fun.

First of all, if you was testing something - why not use the duel area? If it was class related, that's probably the best place to go.

Secondly, you may of been having fun but our system states that you was honour farming so the correct punishment was given out accordingly.

I'm sorry to say but your ban appeal will be;


Thank you and regards,

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