Unbann Appeal

If you think you were wrongly banned and you can prove you are not guilty, please post an appeal here.
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Re: Unbann Appeal

Postby Fauxshaux » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:54 am

kiriton33 wrote:hello, I have found my problem where I have only recently learned it, please, I get back my account you can further help me I hope I we are fetched also my different Ips with that because of this on thorium in front of ddosen gun and where system has indicated me as a hacker by the vote we plan Internet suppliers an in addition ip protection at ours around pardon and this has arisen from also the other misunderstandings

sorry fpr my bad english

Name: Darkos
Account: Thorim

Greetings Kiriton33,

Your account has been unbanned but I'm still not 100% on the whole subject.
You have now managed to bypass two IP bans, you have already evaded one mute and one 24hour ban prior to this offensive but take this as your final chance.
Anymore abusive, threatening or unnecessary behaviour won't be accepted nor tolerated on our server.

Head Developer & Co-Owner,
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